401k and IRA Accounts Badly Damaged in Recent Stock Market Price Decline

Stock Markets and 401ks Reeling from Bad Economic News

The Dow Jones is having a really a hard time holding on to gains during the 2019 stock market rebound as the “everything bubble” seems closer than ever to popping. Indeed, this month is not looking great for the world financial markets.

Economic data incoming is indicating a recession by the day, with manufacturing, retail, auto sales, and shipping all struggling to turn a profit in 2019 even as the stock market has soared to new highs.

It is no surprise that the stock market has increased with treasury yields at all-time lows, there simply exists few avenues for investment as interest rates are too low to just keep money in the bank and save- a novel concept in an environment of extreme central bank intervention by all major countries around the globe.

Gold and Silver Could Save Your IRA or 401k

Gold just touched on $1500/ounce and silver went about $17/oz this week as the writing is on the wall- governments will print money and devalue their currency in hopes of keeping the “official” indicator of economic prosperity going- a highly priced stock market.

But with historically absurd P/E ratios for stocks and the largest stock share buybacks among corporations as well setting new precedents, precious metals have nowhere to go but up, and nothing left to do but to outshine all of the fraud and manipulation in financial markets.

Protect Your Retirement Accounts While You Still Can

After the Great Recession of 2008, it took several years for 401ks, pensions and IRA’s to regain their lost earnings, a consequence that forced many people near-retirement to keep working for many more years just to break even.

The same thing could happen again as the entire world is signaling a recession is on the horizon, matched with heightened geo-political tensions between the US and China, India and Pakistan, and internal turmoil in countries like Russia and Turkey.

This is why many people out there would do well to consider a 401k or IRA transfer to gold IRA while they still can and there is tremendous upside still available in the commodities markets. One thing’s for sure, central banks can’t simply print more gold or silver, even if deep down they’d really like to.

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