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Dropping Off Supplies at the Local School

Here’s a pic of some supplies I purchased today for a local small ages 5 – 10 school just on the edge of town. One of the instructors at the school has been helping me create the charts of common words we use on this website and give out to the public for free.

Getting to see the kids excited and watch them go crazy over the surprises that come out of the bag when I visit the school are always a highlight of my week. Last week I brought some little decorative hair clips for the girls and they made sure that I handed them out promptly. They took the distribution process of that item very seriously and supervised me with much concern.

The week before that I was able to buy a bunch of orange juice for the kids and some Cokes for the adults as we worked on the charts, and the kids waiting after school got to enjoy a beverage. It was great to get to tell them about the orange juice “Mien Vitamin C jaran, samrab sukhapeap la oh” which means “It has a lot of Vitamin C, for good health”.

I always like to try to embed subliminal messages about wholesome good things and activities that will benefit the kids like Vitamin C and studying hard, but by making it fun and pressure-free. I like to ask them if they are studying a lot, but in a purposefully leading and positive, happy way, which I believe is a great psychological trick to get the children to believe that trying hard in school is a good and desirable thing, without making the concept boring or burdensome.

This is my way of reinforcing and rewarding scholastic achievement while I have their attention and we are all having fun together.

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