Learn the Khmer Language – How to Speak “Cambodian”

Learn the Khmer Language – How to Speak “Cambodian”

learn to speak cambodian khmer

Here is a resource for anyone trying to learn how to speak the Cambodian language, Khmer, or “Khmai” as the locals call it.

Most Common Words in Cambodian (Khmer)

I created a few charts of many common words from English to Khmer, so hopefully this will help get your brain thinking about language like a functioning machine, not like a computer storing away words for later use to be recalled from memory.

Real functional fluency is the aim.

To save this chart to your phone, press on the image until you can copy it to your phone image gallery. On a desktop computer, You can right-click on the image and select “save as” to download the charts.

Of course, if you still can’t read Khmer letters yet, no problem. You can use the following transliteration chart:

khmai to english chart 2 low definition

Great Videos to Learn the Khmer Alphabet

Make Google Translate Your Friend When Learning Khmer


For all its flaws, Google Translate gets pretty darn close to 100% accurate most of the time for Khmer to English translations on the go.

Well guys and gals, I hope this helps. I always recommend building a list of the words you use in everyday basic language, or consider scenarios you may encounter and the vocabulary they will require.

Good luck, keep practicing and always learning more language. It eventually becomes its own reward. 🙂


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