Learn the Thai Language | How to Speak Thai

Learn the Thai Language | How to Speak Thai

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I am making this page to share some resources that English speakers will find useful if they plan on visiting Thailand.

I will be sharing with you my handmade chart of the most common words I would study throughout my travels, as well as compiling the best videos on learning basic Thai that should get you started.

Chart of the Most Common English and Thai Words

To save this chart to your phone, press on the image until you can copy it to your phone image gallery. On a desktop computer, You can right-click on the image and select “save as” to download the charts.

English to Thai common words list


I realize the above chart is in Thai and you may not know the Thai alphabet yet, so here is a transliterated English chart to help as well.


If you will learn how to use just these Thai words, you will do very well getting around Thailand.

Learn to Speak Thai from These Great Video Channels


You should subscribe to and check out more videos from this channel. It is my top rated video channel to learn Thai.

Learn ALL Thai Alphabet in 50 minutes/hour – How to Write and Read Thai



Must-Learn Basic Thai Sentences and Phrases – Learn Thai by NATTO


Watch more great videos by Natto to learn common and useful Thai phrases!

Free English Lessons to Learn Thai Online

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