Language learning, accelerated

Language learning, accelerated

This website intends to help Asian people everywhere to learn the English language fast, free, and as easily as possible– especially those who do not have the money to go to or send their children to language school.

We offer charts of some of the most common words in English as well as basic grammar, combined with YouTube videos from teachers located in their countries to help people get started with a basic, but solid foundation and approach to learning even more English.

We intend to help people and children learn English fast by combining widely available modern day technology like cell phones and smart phones, with websites and social media to bring people a quality, effective and efficient learning experience.

…where did this idea come from?

Realizing the power of existing free resources online matched with our own classroom, immersion, and trial and error experiences in learning foreign languages, we have decided to create a learning program that is not too complex or overwhelming for students, but one that builds fluency and proficiency in the new language fast, while igniting and feeding the desire to learn more.

We hope that you will enjoy the resources and the language learning system we have developed, and that you will want to share this information with the people who will benefit from it the most.




Learn How to Speak English Online for Free

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